Wednesday, August 15, 2012

December 2011 → August 2012

Warning: Shitloads of pics ahead!

Now it's time to tell something about the life I haven't been blogging about. Over eight months have passed since I stopped writing on glitter☆shower, sounds longer than it felt. Still a lot of things have happened! Now I've noticed that it's much easier to remember everything, when you blog about things. So many events in winter are like "Oh, that really happened? I didn't remember that."

I don't really remember if there were any big things happening in December. One weekend Ella was visiting me, I had bought new table and I went to my grandparents with my cousin, had a date with Ella and then it was Christmas and stuff. That's all I can remember. :D Oh, and I was working.

Black short hair. I actually miss having dark hair! I think I'll dye it again after Tracon *u*

My cousin and me! Do you think we look similar? Because people usually think that we are sisters. :D

In January I started school in Helsinki Business College, went to see The Scarlet Pimpernel (that was some high school's production and omg that was so good) annndd.... played Amnesia I think.

I bleached part of my hair (inspired by Mattsu!Benvolio actually!) so then I had the "tiger hair" for some time.

In February I baked the cutest cake ever, visited Sea Life with Ella, waited for some 'Zuka dvds to arrive and had winter holiday when I did like...nothing I guess.

In March I was super bored at school, bought a TV as a impulse purchase annnd Ella had her birthday party from where I don't have any pictures somehow. 

Super bored = making unusual looks at night.

I hated April. My life was just a mess and I can't remember almost anything. Though Easter was relaxing, I was with friends and we just watched stupid programs on TV and ate all the foods and I think some weekend we visited Maria! I was making cosplay also, oh that knitting took so much time.

It seems that I used that hat all the time in April.

Thenn finally May! May is always full of happenings. Mayday, Tampere Kuplii, Ancension day = longer weekend = visiting parents, Eurovision song contest and then it was June already. 

Mayday was lots of funn and I had the chance to wear my tailcoat hohoo! °u° I love doing otokoyaku makeups if you haven't noticed. It was just a bit cold that day, boo ;3;

I find this picture ridiculous and very good at the same time.

And then next weekend there was Tampere Kuplii, where we had Mawaru Penguindrum group cosplay! *u* I was Hikari and Ella was Hibari~

I also moved and bought maany new things like a new bed! °u° Tumblr-inspired much.

In June the holiday started, Alina had her graduation party and then I went to Keuruu for a couple of days and then home with Ella. Then I travelled around Finland again and had my 20th birthday.

We got a ride to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport so we had to buy something from Starbucks for the first time. I didn't like that coffee frappuccino at all so next time I'll try that strawberry thing. XD

There was a beautiful sunset the night before my birthday °u°

20-year-old Linni who looks very tired. We had the 24h lan-party with Ella, Melsa, Maria and Oona. Later Alina and Iisa joined us too!

In July I started my summerjob with Ella! °u° That was like the best time of my life when she was living with me in Espoo. The whole month was like working and making my cosplay, oh well.

On the first weekend everyone came to visit me and then we had a picnic in Suomenlinna.

And I dyed my hair orange but first it lasted 3 days or something.. I dyed it again for Assembly but it has faded almost back to blonde now ;3;


  1. Oon niin ikävöinyt sua ja sun blogitekstejä ;__;

    Vaikka sulla on lyhyet tai pitkät hiukset ja erilaiset meikit, niin oot aina silti yhtä tyylikäs 8D ...en tiedä miks mut joskus sä näytät vähän Kamijolta :-------D

    1. hei meiän pitäis taas nähä joskus!! ;3; mut thanks buddy! ja wtf kamijolta... XD

  2. Ooh where is that biker jacket from? LOV IT!! :)

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    2. I don't have any idea because it's really my sister's XD