Saturday, November 17, 2012

moving to tumblr!

Blogger doesn't feel like my place anymore so I transferred daytimehustler to tumblr!
There isn't any proper comment system and that's something that annoys me, but posting and everything is easier so.. please check the new!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hot week, hot week ➁

I haven't felt like writing lately (and still don't) but I really want to get this done, so this entry will be more picture oriented then. :D

So, couple of weeks ago it was time for autumn holiday. Just like last time Ella came to my place and we had the best time togeher~

 Welcome to Koivukylä!

Most of the time we were just lagging and playing Tekken, watching Zuka or TV~   Beating Jinpachi xxth time in a row started to get on nerves though %--D and Devil Within.... I never want to play that again XD (that last boss fight dskjgh I just fell million times and died because of that)

 Of course we also ate a lot! We had to buy 2 kilos of candies like last year too.. But this time it was precisely 2000 grams 8D

We also put a few chirashi on my wall...... :3 

And then on Friday we had a little photoshoot.

 I finally found leather pants of my dreams from Gina Tricot! (thanks to Zara!)
 Too bad that we didn't take too many pictures together with Ella ;3; that's why I post just my own faces mwahaha. Maybe you won't forget now what I look like.
 My hair suddenly changed its colour during the holiday too. 8)

More faces nyaa. My face is long.