Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hot week, hot week ➁

I haven't felt like writing lately (and still don't) but I really want to get this done, so this entry will be more picture oriented then. :D

So, couple of weeks ago it was time for autumn holiday. Just like last time Ella came to my place and we had the best time togeher~

 Welcome to Koivukylä!

Most of the time we were just lagging and playing Tekken, watching Zuka or TV~   Beating Jinpachi xxth time in a row started to get on nerves though %--D and Devil Within.... I never want to play that again XD (that last boss fight dskjgh I just fell million times and died because of that)

 Of course we also ate a lot! We had to buy 2 kilos of candies like last year too.. But this time it was precisely 2000 grams 8D

We also put a few chirashi on my wall...... :3 

And then on Friday we had a little photoshoot.

 I finally found leather pants of my dreams from Gina Tricot! (thanks to Zara!)
 Too bad that we didn't take too many pictures together with Ella ;3; that's why I post just my own faces mwahaha. Maybe you won't forget now what I look like.
 My hair suddenly changed its colour during the holiday too. 8)

More faces nyaa. My face is long.


  1. meinaatkö lähteä japaniin joskus ?

    1. toki meinaan kunhan saan kerättyä ensin tarpeeks rahaa... 8D zukastuffin ostaminen ei vaan oikeen auta tässä säästämisessä..

  2. Aargghh, mulla ainakin menee aina hermo Jinpachin kanssa. :DD
    Sun seinä näyttää tosi kivalta, kun se on täynnä noita - öö - julisteita?
    Ja mitäs vielä piti sanoa. Lyhyt tukka sopii sulle tosi hyvin. (joo onhan se jo ollut jonkun aikaa, mutta muistelin vaan niitä pitkiä hiuksia lukio-ajoilta)
    Jaaaaaa, niin! Mageet nahkahousut, hyvin onnistunut kuva tuo yhteiskuvan alla oleva. :)

    Ei muuta, kiva kuulla susta.