Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Assembly Summer 2012

Again it was the time of the year, when all the nerds gather on Hartwall Areena aka Assembly Summer 2012! This was my second time there, and this time I had Ella with me, so it didn't get so boring! :D Actually it felt I didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted in 4 days.. 

On Thursday before the lights went off we were just camwhoring and goofing around the Hartwall Arena with Ella. 

 I'm totally in love with Ella's hair (and with her too of course sdjkfh♥) also my blue wig looks good imo when I cut it a bit °u° it's just a bit too shiny..

 Poets of the Fall had a gig there on Thursday evening but since I just don't like Marko's voice at all, me and Ella went to hang out somewhere else and took so many pictures again.

Tiny Tower ftw! For real, I'm so addicted to that game :'D 

And on Friday there was this Rovio megascreen thing. First time I was so sleepy that I just stayed at my place sleeping but luckily on the second time I went up to watch this coolness. From these screens you can't tell what's happening but it still looks cool XD 

Aaand welcome home again! No really, always when going back to the hall it felt like going back home :D

This is how our place looked. We won the coolest place competition with this! (Last year I was only 3rd :<) It's kinda fun that we spent like 9 euros for this and then won some expensive prizes XD This place was just so comfy and cozy aaaah... Maybe I should remake this at home 8)

In the last night there was again this (annual?) elephant march where we HAD to participate :D We marched all the way to Pasila and then ran (?! Someone had the idea "hey let's have Assembly marathon this year") back.

Urho Kekkonen on kovis.


  1. yhy haluun meidän konepaikan omaan huoneeseen myös ♥

    ps JES ME elefanttimarssissa XD ei sitä oikeesti tajunnu et se oli noin pitkä huhhuh! :'D (jotenkin naurattaa että ton videon lopussa suosituksissa on gangnam style XD)

  2. ;__; Et arvaakaan kui ilonen oon, et kirjottelet taas !

    Tuo tietokoneiden määrä on niin... ihanan kaunis (ai mikä koneriippuvainen?) *-*