Friday, August 24, 2012

Last weeks of holiday

Hello! I really don't have any big things to share with you today, I just feel like blogging! My school started on Monday and I've been sick almost for a week now. 

The last two weeks of my holiday I spent in Central Finland. I was in my hometown, Keuruu, and then I spent weekends in Jyväskylä with my friends. I love to visit Keuruu, it's a peaceful town and I can just be there and do and think nothing if I feel like that (though my 2-year-old little sister wants me to play with her always, but I like that, she's so adorable ♥) Being with family once in a while feels so relaxing. I also met my old neighbours ;u; I hadn't seen them properly for a long time so I had so much fun talking and looking back the times when we were children. 

Too bad I didn't take many pictures there.. (except of my little sister, almost all the pics of her turned out really good but sadly I'm not allowed to publish pictures of her ;3; I'd love to show what a cutie she is haha)
During my trip I bought some new things so maybe I get myself to take pictures and make a post of those next :D Now good night! ♥


  1. Aaa, olet Keuruulta! Mun isovanhemmat on sieltä, ihana paikka :) Kävitkö sä sitä koulua jossa on muistaakseni sellanen iso kivenjärkäle pihalla ja joka on sellasen ison nurmikenttäleikkipuistopläntin takana?
    Sori, innostuin :'D

    t. se yks shomapoika

    1. iso kivenjärkäle kuulostaa tutulta XDD (niitä nyt on varmaan joka toisen koulun pihalla) mut nurmikenttäleikkipuistopläntti ei :'D joten hankala sanoo ilman vähän tarkempia kuvauksia XDD vois tulla inttämään lisää informaatiota twitterin puolella hahaa