Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tracon VII

This is what has been keeping me busy: cosplay for Tracon VII! After Assembly Summer I had a month to make my costume, but then I first was 2 weeks in Central Finland and then caught a flu that kept me in bed for a week. So actually I made the cosplay in 1,5 weeks! And still for the first time _ever, I was ready in time!

So here it is: me and Ella as Joker and Ace of Hearts from Takarazuka's Royal Straight Flush!! Some people actually took pictures though I think no one there knew what we were :D

Joker trying to be cool. 

So, on Saturday Rintamasuunta had their Hetalia 1800 show that I wanted to see, because there are my friends in that group. Though I'm not very interested in Hetalia I enjoyed the show very much~!
Puvut oli ubeita ja esityksestä huomasi että sitä oli harjoteltu paljon~ Odotan oikeasti innolla taas seuraavaa esitystä! ;u; Ootte ihania!

Hanski, Nessu and photobombing Maria as Boris, Koptsev and Putin from Usavich ♥

More pictures of the costume! It seems that I'll never learn to pose normally.

The feather shanshan was fun to make and it's cute and expensive oh god. One feather costs a bit over 6 euros and there's 6 of them. Luckily I had already three of them from my Juliet cosplay 8D Thursday night I was glueing rhinestones for almsot 6 hours on that jacket and when I got to Tampere half of them had fallen off already.. On Sunday only few were remaining.. oh well :D
And again this happened: I planned to go to see many panels, presentations etc programs, but I just ended up to go to see cosplay competitions and Rintsu's Hetalia 1800 show. I went to sing karaoke with Mei and Mai too ♥ (guys, your names match so well, I love it!) 
I would have wanted to go to listen the Legend of the Galactic Heroes presentation but it was at the same time as Sunday's cosplay competitions so I couldn't ;__; (For_some_reason I'm a Yang Wenli fangirl hehehe. No, really he's so cute in the anime too) I was also going to see Cosplay Date (? I don't know if that's a proper translation..) but there was so many people already queueing that I just gave up with that.

We look like a happily married couple *3*
Now I feel so empty ;A;

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  1. You two are so cute together!! ^___^ whii~<3